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N3TC is proud to be associated with a number of authors and photographers who have painstakingly researched and published a number of outstanding books about our region and its people.

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About Mnandi - a taste of Mphophomeni

“We are what we grow, cook and eat. Mpophomeni's gardeners and cooks are an example of what South Africa can and should be. Through the pages of this delightful book, readers will come to love and admire a remarkable and resilient community. The recipes so generously offered are not only delicious but also inspiring and insightful – each one allows a reader to taste a piece of the story.” Anna Trapido
Email: mnandi@cowfriend.co.za
Web: https://mpophomeniconservationgroup.wordpress.com/mnandi/


About Secrets of the Mountains and Hills

This book is intended as a photographic journey that takes you from the Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Mountains, across the interior of KwaZulu-Natal and into the Eastern Free State

While it should be useful to the tourist, it is not intended to promote individual hospitality, art or craft outlets but to give a broad over-view of an area. It is a series of short photo-essays that offer a little history, some anecdotes, cultural and environmental features as well as introducing a few places that you may not know about.

Email: stephenpryke@mweb.co.za

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About Cranes

Fifty years ago our National Bird, the Blue Crane, was a common sight in South Africa's grasslands, today it is rare. The KZN Crane Foundation,was formed to understand why and find ways to reverse this trend.
Email: terry.sandy67@gmail.com

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About Drakensberg Passes

When Gillis was asked what prompted him to write about the Natal passes he cited his first book “About Van REENEN”. The Van Reenens Pass is by far one of the busiest in Africa and played a major role in the establishment of the village dating back to the 1850's. He was swamped with enquiries regarding the passes in and around Van Reenen which resulted in a number of tours being organised to ride the passes . The passes visited included Mullers Pass, Normandien Pass, Collins Pass, De Beers Pass, the original Van Reenens Pass, Tintwa Pass, Bezuidenhouts Pass, Retief Pass and Oliviers Hoek Pass. The interest shown prompted Gillis to do the research required to write a book about the origins of these passes.
Email: gillisvan@gmail.com


About Van Reenen

Gillis was fascinated by the history of the Little Church but could find very little documented stories, and decided to do his own research. This soon spread into other sites such as the Kidston Memorial, Moorddraai, Klipgat (Ingula) Nelsons Kop and many others. He decided it was time to write a book on Van Reenen, and started some serious research. The book covers the origins of the Little Church, reveals the true story behind the Rachel de Beer saga, as well as the circumstances leading to the deaths of the Pretorius family at Moorddraai. Three pioneering families of Van Reenen: the Portsmouths, the Bloys and the Dillons, are also featured, each with their own unique and fascinating history. Read about the Kidston air-crash and the airplane that was involved in twelve fatal crashes around the world.
Email: gillisvan@gmail.com